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Boost your physical and mental wellbeing... 

What you need FAQ. 

Arriving at the studio...

Arriving at the studio for the first time you will be asked to fill in a sign up form for Elements database so please allow enough time to do this and then get changed, we recommend at least 30 mins before classes commence, if it’s not your first time then our main doors will be open 30 mins before each class and our studio door open 15 minutes before… Please allow yourself enough time to arrive and get changed then go find yourself a space in the studio… REMEMBER TO BOOK ONTO THE SESSION ONLINE BEFOREHAND. 

What should I wear?

During the session, it’s valuable to be able to move the body as much as possible without restrictions from what you are wearing so with this we suggest you wear light comfortable clothing, people tend to wear compression types of materials which mimics the body shape and size and allows movement with no restrictions. Floaty dresses harem pants and skirts are also welcome and its important that you dress with intention so that you feel comfortable and feminine throughout the class - you'll find our founder mostly wearing dresses! 

Do I need to have danced, painted or meditated before? 

Born is about finding and connecting to your inner expression, so no. You will however, need an open mind-set and be willing to co-create and hold space with others. At Born, both facilitators and attendees are healing together, with a deep desire to release emotions through movement, art and connection - we are going on a journey together to connect with our creativity and womanhood on a deeper level. 

How am I expected to feel throughout the session?

Creativity is a deep instinctive urge coming from deep within. Its a life force that wants to be expressed, however, a lot of the time it is suppressed. The sessions will challenge you to connect with yourself on a deeper level as well as overcome any fears you may have about ​expressing yourself freely around others.


As you begin to connect with your body through movement, you may feel a mix of emotions that have been stored in the body arise. Through expression, you will be able to move through these as well as gain a greater perspective, however, if you ever need to, we ask that you take a few moments to integrate, take-in and work through what has come-up. Although, we encourage you to work through your own challenges, you are in a safe space and our facilitators are there to talk to during and after the session.  

After and during the session, you should feel a greater connectivity to your body and mind - as well as free, bold and expressive, with a new found confidence, ready for the week ahead! 

Are there any age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions and we offer spaces to women of all ages. We ask that minors who will be practicing at the studio without their parent/guardian, be at least 16 years old, with a parent/guardian signature on their waiver form’. At Born on a Sunday you are asked to take it at your own pace, however, it is vitally important to check with your GP if your suffering from any form of health issues that this session is a suitable choice for you

Are there refreshments?

We ask that you bring your own water bottle and stay well hydrated throughout the class, recognising when your body needs water, and resting when you need to. 

When the session finishes we welcome you to take rest in the studio and simply cool down without rushing off back into your daily schedule, We also invite you into  Elements Yoga Space Juice Bar – whether it’s to simply grab a refreshing juice,smoothie or snack or whether it’s to continue your cooling down period in there and chat with your new friends, the choice is yours…


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