*Please kindly note that you must be DBS checked and certified



How to use the sheet, 

We wish for this to be a self-organizing and autonomous group, although there are some guidelines. 

Please submit your offering by entering your details and selecting the times/dates you can do.

Please, specify the capacity and amount of people you are wanting to host your offering to, along with a brief description. 

Please, be reasonable with the number of requests you are making, as we wish for this to be an equal place with a wide variety of contributors - offering evidence-based treatment models with co-conscious awareness. 

Take a look at the offerings; if you sense there is room for your you can always add a line but, please, do not delete or move anyone submissions. 

We will then get back to you to confirm. 

Once confirmed you will be added to the running order and calendar for the Month and year in our 'confirmed submissions' page. 

Please submit any updates, information and imagery to us through our group and we can share this on our social platforms. 

For further enquiries, please contact