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“those who are healing, the healed and the healers, working together in harmony”

I disappear…steam rising

from the sea as lava flows…

I fly…clouds above the ocean…

below, on the new land created at the edge of fire and water,

the first flowers bloom…

Through my own journey with my mental health, I am learning how to be. I have found healing through turning inward to embrace the light and shadow, the energy of the feminine physicality and the freedom of expressing the pure truth of what it means to be a woman. Being Born on a Sunday means exploring ways to communicate this truth powerfully. Through every form of beautiful external expression - breaking the paradigm of what is 'spiritual', what is 'beauty', what is 'woman’.


There is no one truth and by canvasing healing and beauty, we can be whole and free to create both...

Through the sessions, we undertake certain spiritual exercises to achieve alignment with the creative energy of the universe. I hold space for people so that they can let themselves be creative. It’s a spiritual and safe space workshop aimed at freeing people’s creativity; gaining a sense of your higher self and a clear vision of who you can become so that you can move forward with intention.

Creativity is our true nature, and a spiritual path initiated through the process of play; through our process of dance, painting and meditation, can connect you with your divine energies – your flow.

The call to investigate, is the start of your own journey to remembering your own intrinsic wisdom, powers and archetypes - to access your inner world and to learn to 'be'.

It is my experience, as someone who is healing, to offer up this creative space and to share that when we move out of faith into the action of creation, the universe will become your ally."


- Hannah Sant, Founder

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