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“the midwives

to the soul.”

Feel reborn and canvas beauty as you co-create

the space simultaneously,

and learn to love yourself

at your freest.

At the end of each season we will be hosting a gallery, where women are invited to chat through their creative flow. Each giant painting will be sold and all proceeds will go to MIND charity. 

Born to Meditate

Divinely guided - circle meditation

Start the session with a divinely guided meditation, to connect you with your soul. Breathe and relax as you prepare to move through the class with flow and ease, opening your heart and third eye chakras; transcending time and space as you step away from Chronos Time into Kairos Time (soul time).


Soften as you discover to your inner world, as well as female archetypes, and  start to move and feel your body as we warm up, ready for the rest of the session. 


Born to Dance

Liquid Bloom – dynamic movement

Next, express and accept yourself as you bloom into life through dynamic movement and silk scarf prayer dance. Freeing yourself and allowing yourself to become the flower – both bold and delicate.


Born to Paint

Liquid Bloom – free flow painting

Simultaneously, feel your desire to express with free flow painting and turn every emotion into brushstrokes. Releasing, whilst letting the other women inspire you as they dance and paint alongside you; co-creating giant artworks as well as individual take-home canvases.


Born to Be Expressive

Divinely guided - women’s discussion group

End by chatting and playing with other women, as you reconnect to the divine-feminine within. Remembering your innate wisdom as you join other women in discussion and healing...integrating and transcending all that has arisen. 

Outer Expression

Inner Work

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