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The Little Jewel 720p

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The Little Jewel 720p

Early in the film, we see a young white boy named Everett, whose best playmate is a black boy about the same age. His father forbids him to "pal around with that little nigger boy.'' During the course of the film, this father will show his son how to tie a hangman's noose, and he will shove others aside, crying out, "Make way for a boy to look!'' so his son can peer down into a mass grave filled with the bodies of African Americans--some of them babies.

Mann is also aware of the dangers ("If I stay I'm sure to be hung''), but he becomes the leader of the defense, especially in a sequence where he leads women and children to a train--operated by friendly whites--that will help them escape. Although the train escape is based on historical events, this sequence plays a little too much like an action movie to fit convincingly with the rest of the story. 350c69d7ab


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