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How To Download Size Zero, The Telugu Comedy Film Of 2015 ((FREE))

Size Zero: A Telugu Movie About Body Image and Love

Are you looking for a Telugu movie that is funny, romantic and inspiring? If yes, then you should watch Size Zero, a 2015 film starring Anushka Shetty and Arya. Size Zero is a movie that challenges the stereotypes and prejudices about fat people and shows that beauty is not about size, but about confidence and personality.

How to Download Size Zero, the Telugu Comedy Film of 2015

In this article, we will tell you more about Size Zero, its cast, crew, story, reviews and how to download it legally. Read on to find out why Size Zero is a must-watch movie for everyone.

What is Size Zero about?

Size Zero is a bilingual movie that was shot in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously. The Tamil version is titled Inji Iduppazhagi. The movie is directed by Prakash Kovelamudi and produced by Prasad V Potluri. The movie has a star-studded cast that includes Anushka Shetty, Arya, Sonal Chauhan, Prakash Raj, Urvashi, Nagarjuna Akkineni and Rana Daggubati in guest appearances.

The movie revolves around Sweety (Anushka Shetty), a fat girl who loves food and life. She faces a lot of discrimination and ridicule from society because of her weight, but she does not let it affect her self-esteem. She has a loving family and a supportive friend Jyothi (Pavani Gangireddy) who stand by her. She also falls in love with Abhi (Arya), a fitness trainer who likes her for who she is.

However, things get complicated when Sweetys mother (Urvashi) tries to get her married to a suitable groom and enrolls her in a weight loss program called Size Zero. The program is run by Satyanand (Prakash Raj), a greedy businessman who exploits peoples insecurities about their bodies and sells them harmful products and treatments. Sweety soon realizes that Size Zero is a scam and decides to expose it with the help of Abhi and Jyothi.

Will Sweety succeed in her mission? Will she win Abhis heart? Will she accept herself as she is? Watch Size Zero to find out.

How to download Size Zero legally?

If you want to watch Size Zero online or download it to your device, you can do so legally from various OTT platforms that have the rights to stream the movie. Some of the platforms where you can watch or download Size Zero are:

  • Hotstar

  • Zee5

  • MX Player

  • YouTube

Please note that these platforms may charge you a subscription fee or require you to sign up with your account details to access the movie. Also, please avoid downloading or watching Size Zero from illegal or pirated websites as it is a crime and may harm your device with viruses or malware.

What are the reviews of Size Zero?

Size Zero received mixed to positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The movie was praised for its message, humor, performances and music. However, some critics felt that the movie was too preachy, predictable and dragged in the second half.

The movie has a rating of 3/5 on, 3.5/5 on and 7.4/10 on Here are some of the reviews of Size Zero:

"Size Zero deals with an often overlooked issue with great 04f6b60f66


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